Cosplay Tips

Creating your own cosplay can seem to take hundreds of different crafting skills- online video tutorials will soon become your best friend. Here are some helpful tips to get you started on some of the trickier sides to cosplay:



The first step to any Cosplay is planning. Break down every aspect of your character's look: Hair, clothes, accesories, facial features. Try focus on the distiguishing features that lets everyone know who you are cosplaying.

Next, try work out what can be made, what can be bought, and what you can change. Keep your budget in mind with this part, buying entire cosplay outfit can get pretty pricey!

To make clothing, you'll need to design your own patterns. You can find a guide to creating basic sewing patterns here.


Try and work out how long each piece will take you to create and timetable it- It's no fun spending the night ebfore the con furiously sewing!




When it comes to cosplay, props are the most recognisable aspect of a character- from weapons, canes and gadgets, it's likely you'll need props at some point.  Depending on how big and complex the prop, it can be the easiest or hardest part of your cosplay to create.

Polythene and paper mache are you best friend in creating basic props. You can find a guide to basic prop creation here.

But, if you don't have the time or skills or moeny to dive into the world of prop creation, why not look at our range of cosplay accessories here

We also have a range of canes, suitable for cosplay, or if you just want to look extra fancy.


Body Art


Tattoos are a great, and frustrating way, to define your character. But fear not, we have a range of semi - Permanent Tattoo Pens. These pens can be used to draw any designs onto your skin and last up to 24 hours. Just print out or copy your tattoo design and trace it onto the desired part of your body.