Three Tone

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Three Tone Aqua Contact Lenses | 90 Day
These vivid aqua coloured contact lenses are sure to brighten up your eyes. Perfect for everyday ..
Three Tone Blue Contact Lenses | 90 Day
These vivid blue coloured contact lenses are a great way to brighten up your natural eye colour. ..
Three Tone Brown Contact Lenses | 90 Day
A beautiful mixture of three brown tones, look amazing on naturally brown eyes. Great for enhanci..
Three Tone Green Contact Lenses | 90 Day
These wonderful green coloured contacts that contain a vivid mixture of three different greens for a..
Three Tone Hazel Contact Lenses | 90 Day
Thses hazel coloured contact lenses feature three tones of hazel hues, prefect for enhancing your ey..
Three Tone Sapphire Contact Lenses | 90 Day
These beautiful tri tone coloured contact lenses have a stunning combination of three sapphire hues...
Three Tone Violet Contact Lenses | 90 Day
These violet three toned contacts are the perfect addition to enhance your eyes. Ideal for everyd..